Receive bookings made by hotels and OTAs in your management system instantly with PERE and Mozrest.

Recommending restaurants can be a win-win for hotels and restaurants, providing benefits such as enhanced guest experiences, increased revenue, and strengthened partnerships.

To save time and minimise reservation mistakes, Mozrest has partnered with PERE enabling restaurants recommended by hotels and OTAs to receive bookings directly into their booking system.

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Mozrest x PERE - Mozrest helps restaurants increase bookings by connecting PERE to their reservation management system

Benefits of PERE

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Increase Revenue

Restaurants recommended by hotels can benefit from increased visibility and credibility, which can lead to more customers and revenue. Additionally, hotels often have a captive audience of guests who are looking for dining options, which can be a valuable source of business for restaurants.

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Enhance Guest Experience

Guests staying in hotels are often looking for a good dining experience. By recommending high-quality restaurants, hotels can enhance their guests’ overall experience and satisfaction, which can lead to positive reviews and repeat business.

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Strengthen Hotel-Restaurant Partnerships

Recommending restaurants can strengthen the relationship between hotels and restaurants, leading to potential partnerships, collaborations, and cross-promotion opportunities.

Mozrest increase restaurants bookings and revenue with PERE.

‘Now with Mozrest, the best restaurants in town will receive bookings made by hotels…’

Steffen Larsen, CTO and co-founder at PERE who share her testimonial about Mozrest.

‘The customers from our commercial partners want to know which restaurants locals are going to. Now with Mozrest, the best restaurants in town will receive bookings made by hotels and OTAs in their management system instantly. This partnership is part of our mission to create a new industry standard.’

Steffen Larsen, CEO and co-founder of PERE.

How it works

Building a global community of hospitality actors, PERE is the first and only tool that rewards its partners for the guests they send to restaurants. Through their booking platform used by the best luxury hotels in the city, PERE sends more guests to restaurants and creates more income for hotels through personalised recommendations. 

Thanks to the partnership between PERE and Mozrest, your restaurant will receive bookings from hotels and concierges via directly into your existing reservation software.


  • Automatic real-time availability.
  • Instant email confirmation.
  • All reservations fall in your Reservation Management System.
  • The ‘Reserve’ button is displayed on your PERE page 24/7.
Mozrest x PERE - Mozrest connects PERE directly to restaurant reservation software

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About PERE

PERE is a unique solution that rewards partners for referring guests to restaurants. The sophisticated software increases the number of guests for restaurants, providing extra income for partners in a compliant manner. PERE offers solutions for standalone restaurants, restaurant groups, hotel groups, OTAs, and airlines. Partners use the platform to make restaurant reservations for their guests thereby making ancillary revenue through PERE.

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