Effortlessly connect your software with 20+ booking channels

✓ Only one integration

✓ Maximise revenue with minimal effort

✓ Increased customer retention

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Only one integration

With just one integration to our platform, you gain access to 20+ booking channels, like the MICHELIN Guide, Tripadvisor, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Quandoo, and many more.


Maximise revenue with minimal effort

By partnering with Mozrest, you eliminate the need to set up connections with each booking channel individually and benefit from our continuous software development.


Increased customer retention

By distributing our products. you can offer a wider selection of booking channels connected to your reservation software, increasing your customer satisfaction and retention.

Two-way integration

1) Your system always provides booking channels with restaurants’ real-time availability.

2) Restaurants receive all bookings in your system instantly.

Illustration of the two-way integration made by Mozrest between your reservation software and 20+ booking channels


Multi-Channel integration

Multi-Channel integration

Connect with 20+ booking channels

Logos of Booking Channels partnering with Mozrest that your Reservation Software can access with one integration
API Connectivity

Two-way integration through APIs

Real-time availability and instant booking creation

Laptop screen where we can see the easy API connectivity between Mozrest and your reservation software.

User-friendly reporting dashboard

Generate reports with real-time data

Graph showing the number of bookings received from the MICHELIN Guide, Google, and Tripadvisor

Example of integration with the MICHELIN Guide

300+ restaurants receive bookings from the MICHELIN Guide with Mozrest.

Restaurant's booking calendar powered by Mozrest on the MICHELIN Guide website displayed on a smartphone and a tablet


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“We’re thrilled to partner with Mozrest to reshape the dining landscape and drive restaurant success in the digital age. This collaboration enhances online visibility and bookings, empowering restaurants to reach more diners.”

Soraya Kefs, Founder and CEO

Zonal testimonial for Mozrest


“Online bookings are, increasingly, an integral part of the customer journey and the partnership with Mozrest gives operators an opportunity to reach more customers and drive more sales whilst providing even more control of their bookings.”

Olivia FitzGerald, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

CoverManager testimonial for Mozrest


“We are thrilled to partner with Mozrest to make restaurants better connect with their guests and deliver superior booking experiences. This integration is part of our mission to help restaurants and venues improve their profitability and be closer to their customers.”

María Romero Charneco, Marketing & Communication Manager

Dish testimonial for Mozrest

Dish (Metro AG)

“Our partnership with Mozrest is another step forward in delivering great value to our customers. We offer a powerful solution to increase online bookings and visibility by combining our expertise. Together, we empower restaurants to attract more customers, enhance their online presence, and thrive in the digital landscape.”

Volker Glaeser, CEO

serVme testimonial for Mozrest


“Our partnership with Mozrest will help our hospitality operators become more efficient and better connect with customers to deliver superior guest experiences. This integration is part of our mission to deliver powerful tools to streamline operations, increase revenues through guest footfall, and benefit from ownership of guest data.”

Sarah Hawilo, Co-founder and CEO

resmio testimonial for Mozrest


“Our partnership with Mozrest gives restaurants using our system an opportunity to reach more customers and drive more sales whilst streamlining their operations and saving staff time. This integration is part of our mission to support restaurants and catering businesses in the move to digital.”

Christian Bauer, CEO

dineout testimonial for Mozrest


“At Dineout, we’re thrilled to partner with Mozrest, opening new avenues for restaurants. Together, we’re enhancing online bookings and boosting visibility, helping restaurants cater to a broader audience. Join us to experience the transformative power of this collaboration, driving restaurant success in the digital age.”

Ognjen Zlački, Country Manager

Gastronaut testimonial for Mozrest


“We are thrilled to partner with Mozrest to empower restaurants by increasing their online bookings and visibility. Together, we will provide a seamless integration between Gastronaut’s reservation system and booking platforms, allowing restaurants to attract more diners and enhance their online presence. Our combined expertise makes us confident in delivering exceptional results for our restaurant customers.”

Ben Bender, CEO

Eat App testimonial for Mozrest

Eat App

“We are thrilled to partner with Mozrest to make restaurants in Dubai, Abu Dabhi, and Malta better connect with their guests and deliver superior booking experiences.”

Lourah Distler, Head of Channel Partners

Eventlin testimonial for Mozrest


“We are thrilled to join forces with Mozrest to empower restaurants with enhanced online bookings and visibility. Together, we offer a dynamic solution that amplifies restaurant presence, attracts more customers, and boosts bookings. Join our partnership and witness the transformative impact on your restaurant’s success in the digital realm.’”

Ivan Pantić, CTO & Co-Founder

easyTableBooking testimonial for Mozrest


“We are excited to collaborate with Mozrest, delivering unparalleled benefits to restaurants. Our partnership amplifies online bookings and boosts visibility, allowing restaurants to reach a wider audience. Join us to unlock the potential of seamless reservations and elevate your restaurant’s online presence.”

Mikkel Pedersen, Founder & CEO

simpleERB testimonial for Mozrest


“Our partnership with Mozrest offers flexibility and structure for restaurant staff to streamline restaurant reservation service, increase their online bookings, and offer less friction to their customers.”

Ronnie Somerville, CEO

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Mozrest is a Channel Manager founded in London in 2020 by experts in the restaurant reservation industry.

Thanks to our increasing network of 20+ booking channel partners like the MICHELIN Guide, Tripadvisor, Google, and many more, we give your reservation

software access to the equivalent of 5 billion+ guests, enabling you to increase your sales revenue and allow your customers to easily receive bookings from multiple channels directly into your system.

We are obsessed with forging sustainable partnerships characterised by exceptional care and support, and we are proud to see our booking channel partner network expanding continuously.

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