Receive bookings from multiple booking channels into Guestonline.

Mozrest has partnered with Guestonline to help restaurants save time and increase revenue.

With smooth integration, receiving bookings from multiple booking platforms into Guestonline is easy as pie!

If you already use Guestonline, you have nothing to do – no operational change – Guestonline and Mozrest will quickly review the settings and do everything for you in the background.

Guestonline x Mozrest partnership

About Guestonline

Guestonline is the independent reservation solution now being used by more than 2.000 restaurants across France. The system of choice for starred and gourmet restaurants, Guestonline reduces no shows and improves relations with customers. It also gives back to society, supporting community-based catering projects with its Réservation Responsable® program.

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