Receive all your online reservations in
Eat2eat with Mozrest

Mozrest has partnered with Eat2eat to build a reliable two-way integration so you can easily manage your online reservations from one single place.


eat2eat is the largest independent supplier of dining reservation technology globally. The company focuses on securing restaurants’ ownership over their diner data and branding without compromising their ability to access aggregator sites to attract diners. Clients include leading international hotel groups and fine dining establishments globally.

Here’s how our Eat2eat integration works:

  1. Mozrest establishes a connection between your Booking Channels and Eat2eat .
  2. Reservations made on various Booking Channels are then aggregated directly to Eat2eat .
  3. You get a complete overview of all your online reservations on one device.
  4. Thanks to our two-way integrations, your real-time availability is automatically displayed on all your online booking channels, from Eat2eat .


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Mozrest - Booking channel integration

Booking channel integration

We connect multiple booking channels to your existing reservation software to increase your online reservations.

Mozrest - Profile and Review management

Profile & Review management

We give you the tools to update your business information with just one click and easily reply to customer reviews.

Mozrest - Reporting dashboards

Reporting dashboards

We help you know your business better thanks to insightful analytics and reporting functionality that you can easily export.

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