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Mozrest Products
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Mozrest Products - Booking Channel Manager

Booking Channels Manager

Connect with the top booking channels, such as the MICHELIN Guide, Tripadvisor, Quandoo, Zomato, Google, and Meta, to fill empty seats and manage reservations seamlessly.

Incremental Bookings: Convert searches into bookings and increase your revenue from a perfect-matched audience instantly.

Simplified Operations: Get bookings from 20+ channels directly added to your existing reservation software.

Guaranteed No Overbooking: Your availability is updated in real time, eliminating the need for manual data entry and the risks of overbooking.

Mozrest Products - Listing & Review Manager

Listing & Review Manager

Boost your restaurant’s online visibility and reach your target audience effectively with comprehensive listing and review management.

Perfect-Match Audience: Reach the right customers who are actively searching for dining options that match their preferences.

Easy Information Updates: Update opening hours across platforms with one click, providing a better guest pre-visit experience.

One-click review reply: Easily engage with customers, thanks to customisable templates and AI companion.

Mozrest Products - Reservation Oracle

Reservation Oracle

With Mozrest’s reservation prediction, you can forecast restaurant occupancy at the week, day, and hour level to help plan and manage restaurants operations efficiently.

Enhanced Operational Planning: Plan staffing, inventory, and marketing actions according to your predicted occupancy.

Cost Savings: Minimise waste and reduces operational costs, contributing to overall profitability.

Increased guest retention: By predicting peak times, you can strategically manage table reservations, ensuring that guests are seated promptly.

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