Receive bookings from multiple booking channels into Formitable.

Mozrest has partnered with Formitable to help restaurants save time and increase revenue.

With smooth integration, receiving bookings from multiple booking platforms into Formitable is easy as pie!

If you already use Formitable, you have nothing to do – no operational change – Formitable and Mozrest will quickly review the settings and do everything for you in the background.

Formitable x Mozrest partnership

Mozrest x Formitable’s Best Seller

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The MICHELIN Guide – Formitable

Mozrest enables your restaurant to receive bookings from the MICHELIN Guide directly into Formitable.

Mozrest online booking partnerships

Partner’s testimonial

“Thanks to Mozrest, we are proud to be one of the first partners to integrate with the MICHELIN Guide and help the best restaurants in Norway, Denmark, and Finland achieve online success with a solution that helps create loyalty-led growth to build a more sustainable restaurant industry.”

Raymond Wilders, CEO of Formitable

About Formitable

Formitable is a bonded group of food enthusiasts, design fanatics, tech fans, and creative thinkers that try to challenge the status quo in the restaurant industry on a daily basis. Restaurants have become real value online brands, and we aim to inspire and help them deliver the same perfect experience online as they already do offline.

By promoting loyalty-led growth while focusing on repeat visits, we create a more sustainable restaurant industry together.

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