Ambl fills last-minute cancellations in seconds.

Ambl enables guests to make last-minute bookings in pubs and restaurants across London, making it the go-to app for combating no-shows and cancellations.

Each month, 8,000 unique customers make around 40,000 searches on the app, resulting in incremental bookings. 

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A group of 5 friends sitting at a table in a restaurant and cheering with glass of wine. They previously used Ambl to make a last-minute booking.

Benefits of Ambl x MOZREST

Mozrest - Booking Channel Benefit 1

Incremental bookings

Turn searches into bookings and increase revenue by converting last-minute cancellations into bookings in seconds.

Mozrest - Booking Channel Benefit 2

More visibility

Increased visibility for your venue by a highly targeted audience at a moment of high intent.

Mozrest - Booking Channel Benefit 3

No change in operations

Ambl bookings are added in real-time to your existing reservation software, eliminating the need for manual data entry.

How it works

With Mozrest, you can receive Ambl bookings directly into your existing reservation software so all your bookings are easily manageable from one place.


  • Venue finder based on local search.
  • Booking calendar showing real-time availability displayed 24/7 in search results.
  • Bookings are added to your existing reservation software and guests receive an email confirmation instantly.
AMBL x Mozrest how it works explained in three steps

Ambl’s Reservation Profile

Ambl drives last-minute reservations to pubs and restaurants in London.

Meal Time: Weekend

Booking Time: Within 1 hour / Same Day

Venues: Pubs and Restaurants

Location: London

Guest Types: Professionals

Age Range: 25-34

Party Size: ≅3-10 people

Budget: ≅£35/55 per head

Receive bookings from Ambl into your reservation software

About Ambl

Used by 400+ pubs and restaurants across London, Ambl is the go-to app for combating no-shows and cancellations.

Each month, 8,000 unique customers make around 40,000 searches on our app, resulting in incremental bookings. 

Venues are efficiently presented to users based on availability and location, enabling them to quickly identify nearby options with availability. A localised UI to ensure a level playing field for all venues in obtaining customers, eliminating the need for venues to pay more for increased visibility.

The app features a video feed element, similar to TikTok and Instagram where most customers do their research, allowing customers to seamlessly book directly with the venue within the app. Venues can leverage Ambl for marketing by utilising the platform to upload incentives, promotions, and “what’s on” information within our app. This enables real-time notifications to active customers, effectively driving bookings.

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