We integrate
Reserve with Google with Mozrest

Mozrest has partnered with Reserve with Google to build a reliable two-way integration so you can easily manage your availability from one single place.


Reserve with Google allows users to find your local business by simply searching for it on Google, Maps, or the Google Assistant and making online reservations directly. Reserve with Google improves the ease of making appointments and increases client conversions from those just browsing into actual bookings. All bookings made through Reserve with Google arrive at the restaurant’s or shop’s Reservation Management System like any regular appointment.

Here’s how our Reserve with Google integration works:

  1. Mozrest establishes a connection between Reserve with Google and your Reservation Management System.
  2. This allows Reserve with Google to stay up to date on all reservations made online, including with other Booking Channels.
  3. You get a complete overview of all your online bookings and availability space left on one device.


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Simplify and optimise your customer acquisition

Mozrest - Booking channel integration

Booking channel integration

We aggregate all your bookings from multiple platforms and synchronise them with your existing Reservation Management System, improving your operational flow in the process.

Mozrest - Profile and Review management

Profile & Review management

We give you the tools to update your social media profiles with just one click, be alerted each time you get a review and respond to them from one place.

Mozrest - Reporting dashboards

Reporting dashboards

We help you know your business better thanks to insightful analytics and reporting functionality that you can easily export.

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