Receive direct bookings from Tripadvisor

Thanks to the Tripadvisor x Mozrest partnership, you can receive bookings from Tripadvisor directly into your existing reservation software.

✓ Incremental bookings

✓ No change in operations

✓ No risks of overbooking

Restaurant's booking calendar powered by Mozrest displayed on Tripadvisor app


Mozrest benefits for restaurants - Incremental bookings

Incremental bookings

Convert searches into bookings and increase your revenue from a perfect-matched audience instantly.

Mozrest benefits for restaurants - No change in operations

No change in operations

Get Tripadvisor Bookings directly added to your existing Reservation Software.

Mozrest benefits for restaurants - No risks of overbooking

No risks of overbooking

Your availability is updated in real time, eliminating the need for manual data entry.

How it works

1) Contact Mozrest

2) Mozrest adds your real-time availability to Tripadvisor

3) You receive bookings from Tripadvisor directly into your existing Reservation Software

Restaurant's booking calendar powered by Mozrest on Tripadvisor website displayed on a smartphone and a tablet

Contact us to receive bookings from Tripadvisor

About Tripadvisor x Mozrest partnership

The Tripadvisor x Mozrest collaboration streamlines restaurant reservations, ensuring seamless integration and incremental bookings.

  • What type of guests book a table on Tripadvisor?

Guests who prioritise reviews and ratings in their decision-making process are drawn to Tripadvisor. They trust the experiences shared by other diners, using this information to choose restaurants that align with their preferences and expectations.

Tourists and travellers often use Tripadvisor to discover and book restaurants in unfamiliar locations. They rely on the platform to find dining options with positive reviews and ratings, ensuring a positive dining experience during their trip.

  • What are the benefits of receiving Tripadvisor bookings through Mozrest?

Incremental bookings: One of the key advantages is the potential for incremental bookings. By harnessing the reach of Tripadvisor, restaurants can tap into a broader audience, attracting new guests and increasing their overall reservation volume. This enhances restaurants’ visibility and contributes to a more diversified customer base.

No change in operations: Restaurant owners do not need to modify their existing operations or invest in new software. The integration is designed to seamlessly fit into the current reservation systems, ensuring a smooth transition without disrupting the day-to-day functioning of the establishment.

No risks of overbooking: Thanks to a two-way integration, receiving bookings from Tripadvisor through Mozrest eliminates the risks of overbooking. This solution saves restaurant staff time and enhances the reliability of the overall online reservation process.

  • How can my restaurant receive bookings from Tripadvisor?

Complete the form to provide us with the name of your restaurant and reservation software. If your reservation software provider is a partner of Mozrest and has signed up for Tripadvisor Bookings, we will proceed with seamless integration immediately.