Mozrest - Add Reserve Button to Instagram Profile

How to add the ‘Reserve’ Button to Instagram

Discover how to add the ‘Reserve’ Button to your Instagram profile in just a few clicks.

May 18, 2023
Mozrest - Add Reserve Button to Facebook Page

How to add the ‘Reserve’ Button to Facebook

Discover how to add the ‘Reserve’ Button to your Facebook page in just a few clicks.

Mozrest - Group of friends cheering with white wine glasses on a restaurant's terrace during a Bank Holiday Weekend

7 Benefits of Bank Holiday Weekends for Pubs and Restaurants

​​Bank Holiday Weekends are the perfect opportunity for pubs and restaurants to increase revenue and attract new customers.

May 3, 2023
A street where stands a pub is decorated with multiple garlands of union jack flags to celebrate a special event during a Bank Holiday Weekend.

How to increase bookings for Bank Holiday Weekends

Make the most of Bank Holiday Weekends with these 10 strategies to increase pubs’ and restaurants’ bookings.

April 24, 2023
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How to choose the right booking system for your restaurant

Choosing the right booking system for your restaurant allows you to give your guests the best booking experience possible.

January 10, 2023

How to add or claim a Business Profile on Google for a restaurant

Discover how you can claim your Google Business Profile to increase your restaurant’s visibility and bookings.

January 5, 2023
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5 tips for responding to positive customer reviews (with examples)

A good review is like a gold mine. To increase your online bookings, use these tips and examples to respond to happy customer reviews.

November 24, 2022
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The future of bookings: guide to attracting Gen Z

To boost online reservations and drive more revenue, making your bookings future-proof with social media is vital.

October 18, 2022
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Crafting a good restaurant description

Good restaurant description is crucial to increasing bookings. Discover 7 tips to write the perfect presentation for your restaurant!

July 26, 2022
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5 mistakes to avoid when responding to bad reviews

Negative reviews have a devastating impact on local businesses. Discover the 5 mistakes to avoid when responding to bad reviews.

July 7, 2022
Mozrest - Smiling woman using her smartphone in a city street at night

Hospitality Booking Trends 2022

The future of bookings is social. Half of all social media users look for hospitality venues to visit on Facebook and Instagram.

April 28, 2022