5 tips to increase your online reservations

October 5, 2021
Mozrest - Booking Tips to increase Reservations

Whether you’re running a restaurant, a garage, a hair & beauty salon or any other local business, taking care of your online reservations is essential to improve your customer acquisition and increase your sales revenue

Optimise your restaurant’ and local business’ bookings:

Here are 5 ways to optimise your bookings so you can relax and focus on what’s more important to you: your core business and your lovely customers.

1. Enabling online bookings is fundamental

More and more of your customers are online, so you need to keep up. Having a fully functional booking system that’s responsive and mobile-optimised is crucial to increasing your customer acquisition. 

 2. Ensure your availability is always up-to-date

Being forced to cancel a reservation won’t benefit your reputation. To avoid over-booking and reservation mistakes, make sure to update your availability as soon as possible. Using a tool like Mozrest is essential to update your real-time availability across online booking platforms with no effort!

Mozrest updates your availability across booking platforms in one click.

3. Check your website content

Make sure your booking calendar is easily accessible from your homepage. Showing real-time availability is essential to avoid booking mistakes, operational issues, and bad customers experiences. Mozrest gives you the tools to show your constantly updated real-time availability, so your booking calendar, whether it’s displayed on your website or any other online platform, will always be your ally.

4. Make social media a priority

It’s important to post regular content on social media if you want to promote your restaurant and local business. But when you get different profiles on multiple platforms, this can be really time-consuming. Fortunately, you can now manage them from one place with Mozrest, saving you time and money in the process. Mozrest helps you get your social media profiles always consistent and updated with just one click!

Mozrest helps get consistent and updated online profiles on social media

5. Use paid search and online advertising

Get your restaurant and local business promoted on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and target your ideal customers in advance. You can also consider starting a Google AdWords campaign to reach more customers. 

Try Mozrest now!

With all online reservations accessible in one place, stressless restaurateurs and business managers can now focus on their core business while providing the best customer experience possible from the appointment phase > Less effort for More value.

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Eurydice HALLE
Marketing Communications Manager