Mozrest's Reporting Dashboards help you know your business better than before, thanks to user-friendly insightful analytics and reporting functions accessible from one screen that you can easily export.

Booking dashboard

The Booking Dashboard gives you access to insightful analytics linked to Mozrest's Channel Manager.

Mozrest - best online booking system - centralise all your online reservations and cancelations in one place


Centralise your Bookings, Cancelations and Covers

With these figures in mind, you can identify opportunities across Booking Channels and revise your business plan accordingly.


Keep track of your performance and better understand how to improve them

Equipped with insightful analytics and reporting functions, you can highlight opportunities for revenue growth and take your business to the next level.

Mozrest - best online booking system - get insightful performance analytics to increase your sales and business revenue

Profile & Review dashboard

The Profile & Review Dashboard gives you access to insightful analytics linked to Mozrest's Profile & Review Manager.

Mozrest - best online booking system - update your social media profiles and analyse your online profile completeness overview


Get an Overview of your Profile Completeness

Get your profiles updated and accurate on a large panel of social media and online guides with just one click.

Find, claim, and correct your listings across the web to keep them free of malicious duplicates and incorrect data.


Find out your Average Rating Online

Know what customers say about you and get alerted each time a review about your business is created. You can reply to them from one place, whether they come from Google, Facebook or any other website, so you never miss a review again.

Mozrest - best online booking system - respond to your customers' reviews and analyse your average rating online

There are much more features to discover!

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