FANZO is a game-changer for pubs’ online bookings broadcasting live sports.

FANZO is an app and website that helps pubs and bars that broadcast live sports to reach 3 million UK sports fans.

Their goal is to bring fans together in great venues to create unforgettable memories during live sports.

For sports fans, our partnership will mean thousands more bookable pubs on FANZO’s platform, helping them overcome the issue of guaranteeing a table for a big game with a quick and simple online booking process.

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Two friends having a beer in a pub broadcasting live sport after they booked a table on the FANZO app thanks to Mozrest

Benefits of FANZO x MOZREST

Mozrest - Avantage du Canal de Réservation 1

Increased bookings and revenue potential

Turn searches into revenue by converting online traffic into a booking in seconds.

Mozrest - Avantage du Canal de Réservation 2

Increased visibility

Une visibilité accrue pour votre établissement auprès d'une audience hautement ciblée au moment d'une forte intention.

Mozrest - Avantage du Canal de Réservation 3

Aucun changement dans les opérations

FANZO bookings are added in real-time to your existing reservation software, eliminating the need for manual data entry.

Comment ça marche

With Mozrest, you can receive FANZO bookings directly into your existing logiciel de réservation existant, de sorte que toutes vos réservations soient facilement gérables depuis un seul endroit.


  • Easy Scheduling for Live Sports Your Pubs will broadcast.
  • Booking Widget with Real-Time Availability displayed 24/7 on Local Search.
  • Les réservations sont ajoutées à votre logiciel de réservation existant, et les clients reçoivent une confirmation par e-mail instantanément.
FANZO x Mozrest how it works explained in three steps: 1) be found, 2)

FANZO’s Reservation Profile

FANZO facilitates sports bookings to pubs across the UK.

Meal Time: Shoulder Time

Booking Time: 48h before / 2h before KO

Venues: Pubs

Location: Across the UK

Guest Types: Sports Fans

Age Range: 25-34

Party Size: ≅3.6 people

Budget: ≅£29 per head

Receive bookings from FANZO into your reservation software


This game-changing booking platform has the revolutionary idea to create fan zones in local pubs by enabling guests to find a pub nearby showing their game in seconds.

Guests can book themselves through the app and website. Thanks to Mozrest, the pub’s staff immediately receive bookings in their reservation software letting them know the guests want to have a table in front of one of the TVs broadcasting live sports.

This way, guests are sure to always find a pub nearby showing the game they want, while pubs increase bookings and sales revenue during live sports competitions.

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