Receive bookings from multiple booking channels into SevenRooms.

Mozrest s'est associé à SevenRooms pour aider les restaurants à gagner du temps et à augmenter leurs revenus.

With smooth integration, receiving bookings from multiple booking platforms into SevenRooms is easy as pie!

If you already use SevenRooms, you have nothing to do – aucun changement opérationnel – SevenRooms and Mozrest will quickly review the settings and do everything for you in the background.

SevenRooms x Mozrest partnership

About SevenRooms

SevenRooms is a global guest experience and retention platform that helps hospitality operators unlock the full revenue potential of their data. From neighbourhood restaurants and bars to international, multi-concept hospitality groups and hotels, the end-to-end platform enables operators to build direct guest relationships, deliver exceptional experiences, and, ultimately, bring guests back. 

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