Conversational AI Developer Intern (Pre-Employment Opportunity)

About Mozrest

Based in London, Mozrest is a key player in the online booking landscape. Partnering with the world’s main Reservation Management Systems and Booking Channels, Mozrest offers a software application that helps restaurants and local businesses (garages, hair & beauty salons, health centres, etc.) manage their online reservations channels whilst optimising and increasing their online presence and communication.

About the role

At Mozrest, we are proud to offer innovative products that meet the needs and wants of our customers. To help us continue to grow our offerings, we are searching for a Developer Intern. As an ideal candidate, you will have a keen eye for gaps in product offerings and the innovative mindset to fill them. 

Reporting directly to the CTO and working closely with the Product Manager, you will be an integral member of a warm, inclusive and talented team – contributing to internal meetings to understand how the function works across all its disciplines.


London or Remote


3-6 months, with the possibility of an extension

Key Responsibilities

  • Collaborating with our development team to design and implement new features and enhancements.
  • Working in a fast-paced, agile environment and managing work with our project management tools.
  • Support the team with supporting the design of test campaigns.
  • Contributing to our culture of learning, growth, and innovation.
  • Create support and training documents for internal and external users.


  • API Integration: knowledge in integrating various APIs and web services to retrieve information, perform actions, and access external data. This includes both RESTful APIs and other types of web APIs.
  • Data Exchange Formats: Familiarity with different data exchange formats, such as JSON and XML, as most APIs use these formats for data transmission.
  • Authentication and Security: Knowledge of API authentication methods, such as API keys, OAuth, or JWT, and best practices for securing API calls to protect sensitive data.
  • Error Handling: Experience in handling API errors and exceptions gracefully, providing appropriate error messages to users when API calls fail.
  • API Versioning: Knowledge of API versioning practices to ensure compatibility and smooth functioning of the chatbot, especially when APIs undergo updates.
  • Third-Party API Selection: Ability to identify and select appropriate third-party APIs based on their functionality, reliability, and relevance to the chatbot’s purpose.
  • Webhooks: Familiarity with using webhooks to receive real-time notifications from APIs, enabling dynamic responses and timely updates.
  • Error Logging and Reporting: Implementation of error logging and reporting mechanisms to track API-related issues and provide insights for continuous improvement.
  • Load Testing: Knowledge of load testing APIs to ensure they can handle varying levels of user interactions without performance degradation.

Tech stack

  1. Programming Languages: Python and  JavaScript/Node.js.
  2. Chatbot Frameworks: Dialogflow or Rasa.
  3. Cloud Platforms: AWS (Amazon Web Services)
  4. Version Control: Git.
  5. Data Exchange Formats: JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) and XML (eXtensible Markup Language).
  6. Database: MySQL and MongoDB

Previous experience

  • Hands-on experience in web development and machine learning through academic projects and internships.
  • Demonstrable knowledge in PHP, SQL Database, Machine Learning, and Cloud Computing.
  • Experience working in collaborative team environments.

How to apply

Email CV and Cover Letter to Jerome Pernollet, CEO at Mozrest: [email protected]